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At Home in Barbourville by Carolynn Carey

At Home in Barbourville
MAY 2014
ISBN 1499624409

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At Home in Barbourville

Adrienne Rani Day is happily convinced she's left Barbourville behind for good. After moving away to earn a college degree and then getting an accounting job, she rarely thinks about the town where she was born and raised, although a certain fellow from Barbourville continues to haunt her dreams. Then an unexpected inheritance with a very interesting condition lures her back to Barbourville where she must face her past and try to explain her actions to the boy she left behind.

Steve Travis is as shocked as everyone else when his Aunt Gertie's will is read and he discovers she left her house and a good bit of property to the girl he once loved. Even worse, Aunt Gertie has made it a condition of the inheritance that Steve and the girl who rejected him must open a nursery together. He is determined to keep their partnership on a professional level, but then an old adversary of Rani's moves back to town and Steve finds himself attempting to ensure her survival in Barbourville while trying to unravel her reasons for leaving in the first place.