Falling for Dallas
October 2006
ISBN 0-8034-9723-7

Falling for Dallas by Carolynn Carey

Falling for Dallas
ISBN 0-8034-9792-X

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Beth Ann Stanfield realizes that she's no man's dream girl. She's a young widow with a son to raise, a huge medical debt to pay, and a monstrosity of a house that gobbles up all her extra cash. So when sophisticated, educated, and wealthy Dallas Vance moves in across Redbud Road, Beth Ann knows their mutual attraction is headed down a dead-end street.

Wanting to help Beth Ann, Dallas makes the mistake of trying to solve some of her financial problems and quickly discovers that the woman possesses an independent streak wider than the state of Tennessee. Fortunately, there's an old-fashioned cottage situated on Beth Ann's property, and Dallas convinces her that if she'll sell him the cottage, he can renovate it and both of them will benefit.

But even when Beth Ann's financial worries are lessened, she understands that her love for Dallas is doomed unless she can find a way to even out the other disparities between them. Can determination, stubbornness, and an abundance of love bridge the gap when two people are from such different worlds?


Falling for Dallas is one great romance. Widow, Beth Ann Stanfield and her son Trevor live in Barbourville, TN where she owns a small dress shop...and has a mountain of debt. And where she met Dallas Vance only a year before when he was in town to check on his niece. They were immediately attracted to each other, but neither acted on the attraction.

Dallas Vance is a successful attorney in Chicago who's returned to Barbourville to help his niece with her three new baby girls. While there he intends to pick up with the flirtation with Beth Ann he'd enjoyed the year before.

However, they both quickly find they live in very different worlds. Beth Ann is dealing with the injuries her son Trevor received when he was hit by a hit and run driver. And Dallas is only in town temporarily and then he'll go back to his life in Chicago.

How could there be anything between them when they are so many miles apart? Could Dallas change her mind about moving to Chicago? Can they become a family? You'll have to read this sweet romance to find out! Carolynn Carey has done it again!
     — Virginia H., WeWriteRomance.com

Carolynn Carey is an author that can always be counted on to deliver a tender romance that will tug at your heartstrings. Her characters could be the neighbor next door and her dialog is so natural you will feel you are eavesdropping on a friend. FALLLING FOR DALLAS is the perfect book to curl up with on a cool autumn evening.

    —Donna Zapf, for www.cataromance.com

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